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“Adventure” Mural – My Longest Project Yet

Bek painting the "Adventure" living room mural

Early December 2019 we were lucky enough to move into our own house, this means I finally got to work on a project every kid dreams of, drawing on the walls. The “Adventure” Mural was the most time consuming and challenging yet incredibly exciting project I have worked on, with my digital illustrations usually taking anywhere between 2-6 hours, this monster of a wall took over 120 hours to paint (not including preparation time like designing and sketching out the initial design).

Over the Christmas period I took an extended break from my day job to give me the time I need to get this piece done in one go, time-lapsing the process with a photo every 20 seconds, it took many camera battery charges and a ton of hard-drive space but it was definitely worth it.

The Mural Process

I started off with digitally drawing what I wanted in Photoshop, this allowed me to move parts of the illustration around and mess around with colours before committing to anything. Once I had a couple of different colour combinations to choose from I got the help of my trusty Sean to choose what we want on the walls.

Next up: borrow a friends projector. I am absolutely terrible at sketching on surfaces that aren’t digital, especially when you have to scale it up to fill the wall as well. By using a projector I was able to get the right proportions on the first go, and using a pencil lightly you can paint straight over the top and won’t see any of the initial sketch once the murals complete.

With the sketch down, it’s time to do a Bunnings trip and choose the colours, 30 minutes at the paint desk later and I’m walking out with 12 sample pots of paint in every bright colour I could possibly need.

And now that’s out of the way it was on to the painting, the most time consuming step. We set up the camera, laid down some floor coverings (it didn’t help much, there’s a small section of green carpet now..) and got painting. The base colours needed two layers to be nice and solid, keeping as close to my digital illustration style as possible. The final artwork is a great reflection of my art at this time, looking back at it, there are a few things I would change (and a few sections I forgot to add shadows), but this has become my favorite room in the house and is the perfect backdrop for video calls.

What it took

120+ Hours, on a 4.1 x 2.1m Wall, 12 Paint Sample Pots, A medium percentage of my sanity