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“Motion” Group Exhibition – Albert St Gallery

"Motion" group exhibition at the Albert Street Gallery

A massive thank you to Gabrielle Niemeyer for organising and inviting me to join the “Motion” group exhibition at the Albert Street Gallery. This was the first exhibition I have participated in (excluding my uni’s Grad Show), and was a great experience planning and making the the two artworks I had on show, helping set up the exhibition and attending the opening night.

The turnout on opening night was amazing, and I must thank my friends and family who came in support of me and my illustration.

The two pieces submitted, “A Tale of Time – Daylight” and “A Tale of Time – Night” explored motion through the idea of the motion of time. They both featured a similar scene, with differences to show the time of day they are each set in. The illustrations are made to bring to wonder and a smile to the viewer, bringing up questions about where the turtle island is traveling and what is going on on the turtles back.

Each illustration was drawn digitally in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet, and digitally printed and presented on a wood block with metal edging.