A Day In The Garden


Tote Bag


It’s a good day to escape to the garden, go out there and pot or un-pot some plants. Plant a veggie, just one. Dig a hole, then fill it in with the dirt from another hole. Trim some of the trees into a cartoon tree shape, like it’s from a video game or something. Or maybe just sit in the garden among all the plants, leaves, grass, sticks, ants, spiders and ghosts (you don’t know, there might be ghosts in your garden) and eat a sandwich, or a toastie, or have a high tea with multiple sandwiches and a variety of cake. That’s all from this gardening deer, have a nice day!


  • Design is made from heat transfer vinyl
  • Tote bag is plain white cotton
  • Bek certified ‘Very Cute’


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