Anxiety Ghost Mini’s


Handmade Cushion/Plushy

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Say hello to anxiety ghost, I like to think he’s the ghost of a tired, stressed out accountant who spent so much time doing everyone else’s taxes that he forgot to do his own. But he’s a quiet ghost so I doubt he’ll ever tell me his real backstory.

These minis are so adorable they fit perfectly in your hands, because of their petite size they’re perfect for so many things!

  • Throwing around
  • Squeezing (like a stressball?)
  • Carrying around in public
  • You can sit him on your desk
  • You can put them on a shelf
  • And much, much more! The possibilities are endless!


  • Made by me with a combination of hand sewing and using a sewing machine
  • Body is made from white Minky Fleece, with details cut from black felt
  • Roughly 10cm round


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