Chirpin’ Chicken


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Well hello there, you seem to have stumbled upon a pack of chirpin’ chickens. Not to worry, they’re not harmful in anyway, just very noisy. You can turn around now before they notice you if you like, or if your the brave and daring type you can add one of the little fellas to your cart and take him home with you.

These prints were incredibly fun to make and I’m so happy with how each of them turned out. To highlight the nature of lino prints being different with each print, a watercolour shape has been added to the background making each and every one totally unique. For now only 10 have been printed, however this is an open edition print so there will be more in the future. If you have a preferred colour or background shape option that isn’t currently available, send me an email at and I’ll be happy to sort something out for you.


  • A5 paper size – roughly A6 print area
  • Original linocut prints
  • Printed on 265gsm bamboo paper (Cream background variations are printed on 265gsm card paper)
  • Signed & numbered open edition print

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Cream, Green, Pink, Purple Diagonal, Purple Organic


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