Ocean Witch


20x20cm Digital Print on 250gsm Gloss Paper


I had the most interesting thing happen other day. I was at the beach making sandcastles when this person with flowing pink hair and almost transparent blue skin came out of the ocean, her eyes were so wide they almost popped out of her head and she just radiated with cool blue energy that is just too hard to describe. I sat back and watched her walk to the shopping strip just past the beach, purchase some new clothes then disappear with it back to the water. After finishing my sandcastle masterpiece I just couldn’t get her out of my mind and went to ask the people at the store if they knew anything about her, turns out she’s an Ocean Witch, the only one that actually leaves the ocean. I learnt about their history, and how Ocean Witches are very rarely seen on land since the 1800’s, nobody believes they exist since there’s no real proof from before then. But this one, she’s different, she saw what modern life was like and she fell in love with the fashion and wearing comfortable leggings, so she comes to the surface to shop and buy a new pair here and there, or a cute new shirt, then you won’t see her until next seasons clothes are out. I might stay in this city. I’d love to see the Ocean Witch again.


  • 20x20cm
  • Digitally printed
  • Printed on Glossy 250gsm Photo Paper
  • Comes packed with a story card


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