Oh Dear It’s Snowing


Tote Bag


Oh deer, I went out for a walk thinking ‘yes this is nice weather for a walk’ and then I got a few blocks away and look, now it’s snowing. I’m not even wearing a hoody, or a raincoat, just my plain old fur. I’m going to be so cold, and wet, and freezing, and frustrated when I get home, and my little deers will be all like ‘why are you cold and wet and freezing and frustrated?’ and I’ll have to explain to them that’s it’s snowing, it’ll be a whole ordeal. Maybe I should just never go home, yes that’s a good option. I could just walk to the next bus stop and get a ticket to somewhere that it doesn’t snow, like the moon or something, I don’t think it snows there but I’m not really sure. Ugh I’m so cold.. Ok I’ll go home now.


  • Design is made from heat transfer vinyl
  • Tote bag is plain white cotton
  • Bek certified ‘Very Cute’


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