Portrait of a Devil Girl


20x20cm Digital Print on 250gsm Gloss Paper


When the devil girl came to me for a portrait she was quite shy, her family tradition is to have a portrait painted on your 16th birthday to have put in the family home but she’s just not super comfortable with standing there for ages while I paint her. I tried my best to make her feel more at ease, we told jokes and talked about how her school is going, she’s pretty respected in her class by the sounds of it. By the end she was smiling and practically glowing with excitement at seeing herself captured in a painting. I’m glad I could do her justice in this piece, she was a beautiful soul and I’m glad to have met her.


  • 20x20cm
  • Digitally printed
  • Printed on Glossy 250gsm Photo Paper
  • Comes packed with a story card


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