Seconds Vinyl Stickers- We’re Not Perfect


Seconds Vinyl Sticker


These stickers are a little less than perfect but who is. Some have jagged edges or misaligned cuts that the vinyl cutter made mistakes on, some have slight printing errors, but they are all still very cute. There are some small ones, some big ones and it’s all subject to what we have in stock at the time. This is a bit of a mystery bag, I can’t guarantee what sticker you will get but if you do have a preference please email and if it’s in stock in our seconds pile we will put that one in.


  • Printed on white vinyl
  • Water resistant (but not waterproof, not dishwasher safe)
  • Small sizes are roughly 3-4cm x 3cm
  • Large sizes are roughly 5-9cm x 6-7cm

Stickers that you might get in the large sizes:

Stickers that you might get in the small sizes:


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