The Witches Familiar


Vinyl Sticker


She’s cute, she’s fluffy, and she’s the familiar of the worlds most dangerous witch, the type of witch they don’t put in children’s fairy tales. But this isn’t a sticker of the witch, this is a sticker of the familiar, so while your mind runs wild about how horrible this witch could be let me tell you some facts about this beautiful black fluffer-butt. 1 – Her name can not be written down, or pronounced by human tongue. 2 – Her witches hat is never to leave her head, if it is taken from her she will turn from soft lovable kitten to a monumental monster, so leave that hat on her. 3 – She hates fish, more of a chicken mince kind of girl. And lastly, 4 – anyone with a sticker of her is protected by her, so it’s best you click on the button now and add one to your cart.


  • Printed on white vinyl
  • Water resistant (but not waterproof, not dishwasher safe)
  • Roughly 5.5×4.5cm


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