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Taking on a Drawing Challenge – Folklore2DrawMore

Folklore2DrawMore was a creative challenge run by Katie Gray Art, who created a prompt list of 31 folklore themed drawing prompts created to inspire and get you drawing more regularly. A month long drawing challenge is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, I always seem to plan to join Inktober or Mermay but just can’t find the motivation to complete the challenge, or find myself lacking the time to draw daily. At the time Katie started this challenge I was faced with a severe case of art block, nothing creative was coming to me and I found myself leaning on ‘draw this in your style’ challenges to fill my need for regular Instagram posting, so there was no better time to jump on the prompt list and make a set of folklore themed illustrations.

Taking it slow

I decided to take a slower approach to this challenge, aiming to complete it (plot twist, I didn’t..), but creating an illustration once every few days with the occasional artwork featuring multiple prompts. This approach worked quite well for the first couple of illustrations, and even though some of the finished pieces I’m not super happy with, I found it important to post the good and the bad and try to not be as precious about my Instagram profile.

The prompt list was varied and had me researching folklore and creatures I hadn’t heard of before, then the next day I was drawing a character or species I love and draw regularly. It was amazing seeing how others had interpreted the prompts, and had me excited about creating art.

But the challenge was exactly that, a challenge. And just as I feared, I found myself losing motivation to complete it. On prompt 11 out of 31 I started feeling like the challenge was becoming more of a chore than a helpful and creative endeavour, and decided to stop working on the prompt list and start working on some other projects. It had spurred my creativity and got me out of the creative block and I was ready to start making all of the other ideas in my head a reality.

The takeaway from the challenge

My takeaway is that it was a great challenge, but I’m definitely not suited to prompt lists. In the future I might take the ideas or prompts that inspire me most from a month long challenge and work it into a week long challenge for myself, or even just borrow the prompts and put them into an ideas jar for when I’m struggling with art block again. Everyone has their own way of approaching art, art challenges and dealing with art block, and this showed me a bit more about how I work best.

Click here to read the reflections of the hosting artist, Katie Gray.

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