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Zine Gang Distro – I Don’t Know What’s Happening

"I Don't Know What's Happening" zine

After months of having the intention to make a zine I finally did it, “I Don’t Know What’s Happening” is a small collection of short stories with minimal words for you to create your own version of each tale, along with some “word vomit” pages showing my slightly weird ideas before they become slightly weird illustrations.

Named after my thought process whilst making the zine, each zine comes with a postcard print highlighting one of the stories in the zine, with three different prints available and it being a total surprise which one is in your zine.

Mel and Thomas at Zine Gang Distro have been wonderful in selling the zine through Etsy and markets such as “The Festival of The Photocopier” in Melbourne, and I could never thank them enough for their part in getting me to make a zine finally and helping me market and sell it.

Go check out this zine and more from a group of amazingly talented artists at the link below, and buy yourself something nice, you deserve it!

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